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Winter Mountaineering

Winter Mountaineering, Torridon

Winter mountaineering is the most demanding aspect of UK Climbing. The payoff is experiencing the most memorable, magical days out in Britains mountains. Daylight is short, the weather often unstable and simple mistakes unravel quickly. But don’t be put off!

Use our years of experience to gain your own foothold by either having us guide you up a rugged summit or embed the skills needed for your own adventures, either locally or in Scotland.

Expect to cover:

  • Steep ground
  • Avalanche awareness
  • Ridges in winter
  • Rope security
  • Shelters or even snow-holing

If we’re focusing on skills a ratio of 1:4 is safe. To be guided up a winter ridge say on Ben Nevis we want a ratio of 1:2