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    Acknowledgement of Risk

    I understand that climbing/mountaineering and related activities have some inherent risks that can never be fully eliminated. In rare cases, injury and even death can occur. Lake District Climbing will take every precaution to minimise the risks involved and will provide an appropriately qualified and experienced instructor/guide. I understand that I must follow their guidance and instructions at all times during the course or activity.

    The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

    I agree that my personal information contained in this form may be stored by Lake District Climbing and will not be passed onto third parties other than the emergency services (in an emergency situation) and instructors/guides working with Lake District Climbing. I understand that I may request for this information to be permanently deleted after my course/activity has ended.

    Terms and Conditions / Privacy Policy

    I understand that by submitting this form I have read and agree to Lake District Climbing Terms and Conditions including our Privacy Policy.